Educational and funny? That may seem very wrong to you, but that’s because it is. It’s sick and wrong, and we’re sorry. Kinda. You’re welcome!

My name is Tyler Gruhn.  That’s probably all you need to know, really.  According to urban dictionary, Tyler means “A very very very, yet again, very sexy pancake.” and Gruhn is basically grün with a typo, which is German for green.  A very sexy, green pancake at your service ladies and gents.

Also involved is Mike Gruhn. Some of us cannot draw any sort of mammal to save our lives, so that’s where he steps in. He does the webdonuts web comic and actually can draw. He’ll also be doing some comics here, so keep an eye out!

My girlfriend, Jennifer Benson, has started helping out too, including helping me finish up the greatest book of all time (hype is good, right?).  She does a food blog too, which can be found here.