Yup, that’s how it happened… Everyone would have their jobs assigned to them and, on April 1st, all of them were made into jesters and clowns.  Might I just say that I did preemptively declare April Fools’ with the title.

In all actuality, the origin isn’t known for sure.  One theory was that the calendar changed to from April 1st being the new year to January 1st being the new year, but word didn’t travel quickly, so the people celebrating the new year in spring were considered April fools.  However, this doesn’t line up correctly, since the new year was evidently celebrated on Easter, not April 1st.  There are a number of guesses, such as that it originated from a history of pranks. Another theory, that I particularly enjoy, is that it came from when a jester of the Roman Emperor, Constantine I, was made ruler for a day.