I could have continued with the living fossils for quite a long time, since most of them are super fascinating, but I’m thinking there are other things to discuss! Maybe they’ll come back for a round 2 someday.

Regarding the blue blood, the horseshoe crabs have hemocyanin, which carries the oxygen.  We have hemoglobin.  Hemo just means pertaining to blood.

As for the fine dining gushers, I’m thinking that could be a thing.  There’s that idea that any two things that are enjoyable (food/drink-wise) can go together, which holds true for me for the most part but has exceptions like orange juice mixed with milk.  When it’s things I REALLY like being mixed, I can’t think of anything that won’t go together.  Steak and ice cream? Yes please. Cherries and Butterfinger? Mmhmm.