Dear people of the internet,

This short stream of caffeine driven comics goes out to you, as I know it’s a subject close to your heart, as it is mine.

Team Ferret


It’s also being studied for possible benefits in diseases like Alzheimer’s.

Caffeine does also constrict blood vessels, which is good and bad.  That actually is why it helps resolve certain headaches.  Of course, other headaches it may be resolving are caffeine addiction headaches, so…

The chemical formula for caffeine is C8H10N4O2.  I’ve seen a few reasons for why you shouldn’t have caffeine if you’re wanting to sing well, but the most consistent is that it causes dryness that results in scratchiness.

The deep sleep thing is kind of a big deal. Yeah, you can keep relying on caffeine for longer and longer, but that’s going to be why it SUCKS to get off it when the time comes.  Less/worse deep sleep=sad times.  This is, of course, where you say “more like IF the time comes”.