Just one more way in which some little detail is making our existence possible.

Yes, that’s a negative 80 degrees Celsius.  That’s COLD.  That’s not “I’m a tough guy, I’ll wear shorts just to bewilder people” weather.  That’s “I will not go outside until I’m wearing absolutely everything I own” weather.

In case you were unaware, Celsius is based on the boiling and melting points of water, so the boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius as is.  Such is the power of hydrogen bonding!

A better explanation of hydrogen bonding than the brief one in the comic is that there are atoms that are more electronegative than others, meaning that they will pull electrons closer to themselves in molecules.  Oxygen, for instance, is very electronegative, so, in water (H2O), it will pull the electrons away from the hydrogen atoms and closer to itself.  This makes the oxygen slightly negatively charged and the hydrogen’s somewhat positively charged, which gives the hydrogen atoms an attraction to the slightly negative oxygen atoms in other water molecules.