Not to point out the obvious, but this kind of statement usually precedes what it says it’s not to do.

To clarify, rotating on its axis is different than moving around the sun (orbiting). With orbit, Jupiter takes its sweet time.

The comparative size of Jupiter and other large bodies is really fascinating. I found a link to a great page that shows the size of the planets in our solar system compared to each other, our planets compared to our sun, and then our sun compared to other stars. Some of them are GARGANTUAN. I’ll include the link in the next astronomy post I do once I’ve fixed my computer.

Apparently Jupiter is at the point where it would only become more dense if it gained mass.  This means that it wouldn’t grow in size at all and may even shrink slightly if it did manage to increase its mass. Trippy, right?

Ps. The Great Red Spot on Jupiter is an anticyclonic storm that has lasted for hundreds of years and is bigger than Earth.