Speaking of astronomy, there was an article somewhere about some astronomers that were taking a new approach to looking for life on other planets. They’re looking for the lights emitted by their life forms. I find this to be interesting, and props to them if it goes somewhere, but I’m a little skeptical. Unless there happened to be a HUGE wildfire at a given time (possible), the lights that are visible from space are only a recent thing. It’s not like we were slacking on the evolutionary chain either. Granted, it took billions of years, but we did it! Now, it’s possible that other life forms evolved more quickly than us and got to the point of having light visible from space sooner, but looking at planets however many millions of light years away means that the civilization had to evolve that much sooner than ours, because seeing that light means it came from the planet an equal number of years ago. Assuming that the Big Bang is more or less right, planets have had around the same amount of time to have life forms grow.  The further away we look, the less likely it is that we’ll find anything with this approach. That’s my non-astronomer’s take, anyway. Though, with that logic, anytime we look at a planet through a telescope and can’t really see any life, it may just be because we’re seeing the planet a 70 million years ago and in that time something changed.

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