Why, yes. I did sneak some organic chemistry into the web comic.  Wanna fight about it?  …’Cause I don’t.  One weird thing about it is that the class is referred to as OChem in places like Texas and is called Orgo in places like New York.

The next 1st of the month won’t be about anything complicated, I promise.

Ok, so in case it wasn’t obvious, the double bonds are signified by a second line and a triple bond is drawn with a third.  It’s really pretty straight forward.

This may have been a lot to swallow if you actually tried to comprehend every little part of it.  Just know that the blank spots signify carbon with hydrogen’s attached and how to draw the double and triple bonds.  This won’t be an organic chemistry comic by any means, but I’ll sneak it in there every now and then.  The subject matter is really more about being exposed to a lot of different things (a lot of memorization).  It’s not actually difficult.  Long term readers should hopefully (eventually) have a pretty decent grasp on the subject matter.

The number of hydrogen’s is based on how many spots are required to satisfy carbon’s valency, meaning that it needs to have a total of four bonds.  I’ll elaborate on that later.