With a seemingly infinite universe, no matter how low the odds of life are, it’ll happen with ~infinite chances.  Life does seem to progress toward intelligence, so it seems like it will happen.  Let’s make some Wookie friends!

The equation is called the Drake Equation and it is:

N = R x fp x Np x fe x fl x fi x fc x L

N – Number of civilizations in our galaxy advanced enough to communicate with
R – rate at which the galaxy forms solar-mass stars
fp – fraction of stars with planetary systems
Np – average number of planets per star
fe – fraction of planets suitable for life
fl – fraction on which life develops
fi – fraction on which intelligent civilizations arise
fc – fraction on which technologically advanced civilizations arise
L – the number of years (lifetime) of the civilizations

I haven’t personally looked too deep into the Drake Equation, but good luck figuring out the fraction of planets on which technologically advanced civilizations arise.