“All I Want” is a song by The Offspring that played in the video game “Crazy Taxi”. Ya ya ya ya ya!

There are other “hedgehog” genes as well. You can legitimately tell people that you’re full of hedgehogs.

Apparently there are people that are unhappy with the naming, since there are doctors out there that have to tell people they have a defective sonic hedgehog gene and such. Isn’t laughter the best medicine? There has also been a link found between some malignant tumors and the sonic hedgehog gene, though, which is less funny.

Pikachurin, on the other hand, may actually be useful in treating disorders of the eye. Also, in Pikachu’s defense, he may only know his name (and the shortened version of it), but he’s a BEAST in Super Smash Brothers! Pika pika!