Side note: Yes, the 82 cups of coffee in 7 hours is a record. GO BREAK IT!

It’s not like there are a LOT of strokes caused by beauty salons (there are relatively few) or I’m sure you would’ve heard of it before, but it is a thing.  There’s even a name for it: beauty-parlor-stroke syndrome. Not creative, but very off the wall nevertheless.

As for the chiropractor, there’s a definite association with the neck adjustment procedure and strokes, but how strong the correlation is muddled by the fact that people also end up going to the chiropractor because they’re experiencing symptoms of other things that lead to strokes. Namely, their vertebral arteries may have some ruptures.

Another thing that was weird is that vomiting could cause the rupture.  I found sneezing and coughing a bit surprising as well, but they made the cut.  Hopefully I’m not giving anyone a phobia of the sniffles.