I can honestly say I’ve had my cones complimented.  It was a good day.

Another cool thing about the fovea is that the foveal cones also send more detail to the brain because most of them have their own signal path to the brain.  So, the extra cones and the extra signaling strength in the center of the eye contribute to the better vision in the center of your eyes.  How cool would it be if one day we could modify our eyes well enough that we could see as well in our peripheral vision as we can in the center of our gaze?  That may be weird actually.

So, since we’re vaguely on the topic of neuroscience, I feel like it’s time to share some more ferret-y media.  I’ve been dabbling in android app creation and made one for learning neuroscience.  It’s called NeuroCards and is linked here.  It’s free, so it’s not really much of a shameless plug.  There are currently 2 sections available and I’ll be adding more soon.  Anyway, I’m all about helping people learn things they want to learn, so if neuroscience tickles your fancy, enjoy!