I’ll go ahead and say that if I were going for a 100% realistic depiction of a vampire, he probably would’ve been wearing something more like a linen shroud, which is what he would have most likely been buried in.  However, I don’t feel too much pressure doing a 100% realistic depiction of something that isn’t real, and this guy was clearly just buried in something a bit more classy.

While on the topic of the picture, the slight reddish tint was intentional, as it was a look vampires were originally said to have. It probably had something to do with all that blood sucking.

Also, the credit for the vampire drawing (and a lot of the coloring) goes to Mike Gruhn.

Now is probably a good time to reiterate that vampires aren’t real. This is all folk lore. The only time I’ll blatantly lie to you will be on April 1st (or in that very statement O_o).

It’s kind of fun/funny watching vampires in Hollywood, even. They’ve come a long way from that bald guy with the pointy ears and long teeth. Another amusing thing is the variations in powers and weaknesses. Dracula, for instance, had a bunch of powers, including shape-shifting and minor control over weather. The shape shifting was into more than just a bat, too. He could transform into things like wolves or even the mist. On the other hand, the vampires in shows like Buffy had only super human strength. Poor guys!

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