G’day mates and mate-ettes!  As you can probably tell by the slew of Australia themed comics, I went there recently!  Shocking right?  Well, brace yourselves.
First, let me just say that I was very disappointed in their toilets.  I was eagerly awaiting watching them flush in the opposite direction, but the water just converges down to the center without any spiral.  Lameness.
Second, I saw a lot of really awesome things and, to brag, snorkeled the Great Barrier Reef, but one of the things I actually really enjoyed was the people.  They were incredibly laid back and everyone was nice!  It was nutty.  Mind you, I grew up in America (specifically Texas), land of the “omg omg I’m so stressed about EVERYTHING”, but that only made meeting some Australians that much more cool.  It was weird to see people doing things that would typically irk people just go unnoticed.  I saw so many people doing little things like encroaching on each other’s space or cutting in line, but no one cared!  It was crazy how relaxed everyone was.
Now for something that really boggled my mind.  Let me remind you, real quick, that Australia and America are both British colonies.  However, Australia is where the criminals were banished.  In the modern day, it is Australia that is very easy going about locking doors or leaving bags unattended.  It’s not like there are no crimes at all, but it’s much less of a concern to the point where it’s visible in day to day life.  Note: there is still crime, but when I looked up crime rates in Australia, I found more things like violence within proximity of pubs than robberies/etc.
So, so far their society is more friendly, more relaxed, and less riddled with crime.  While a number of factors are there that could most certainly be contributing to their mental well being, I see these things as additional perks as well.  Their society is namely built around a beautiful coast-line, which not only provides the refreshing scenic aspect, but equates to fresh fish and a lot of active hobbies like surfing and beach side skating.  Their minimum wage is also higher, which I could certainly envision bringing down the stress level.  Their minimum wage is 16 Australian dollars per hour and, for the record, the Australian dollar is slightly stronger than the American dollar.  True, things are more expensive there, but with the high minimum wage they still come out ahead with even the most menial of jobs.  Their culture is also very outdoor oriented in general.  They have free lagoons that are often good hangout spots and there are apparently a lot of barbeques that go on.  Also, at the risk of sounding health conscious, moving around and getting sunlight is good for the body and healthiness tends to translate well into happiness.
What else?  Video games are about 80 Australian dollars, for a newer game.  Turkeys wander the streets willy nilly.  They’re like squirrels, except without the cuteness or the rabies.  They actually supposedly don’t have rabies in Australia either, but there were warnings about a “rabies-like disease”, so I don’t know why I’ve heard bragging about the lack of rabies.  They don’t eat PB&J’s there and if you want a s’more, you’re pretty much going to have to try another continent.  They live in the future too!  That is, their time zone is 15 hours ahead of Central time in America, but it’s fun to phrase it like that.  They also don’t use pennies, but do still do the whole $.99 thing.  They just round there, so prices are usually set so that they’ll get to keep a hypothetical penny or two on this and that.
Moral of the story, Australia is awesome and absolutely every little thing there can kill you.