How much do these hugs cost??!

In my limited space, I keep having to site “countless” or “numerous” studies, but there really are a lot. Google away, doubters!

Here’s a bit of information that’s a bit more “risk-ay”. Read on if you dare!
Money…. Ya, who would’ve guessed… Money increases the attractiveness of an individual to people, though not everyone. The factor of wealth affecting attractiveness is largely seen in women. There were studies on this too. I watched a video on one of them, where random girls were shown a picture of a guy with a brief bio beside it. They were asked to rate him, and he got fairly middle of the road results. Then, his bio was changed to include a high salary and his rating increased, often drastically. My guess is that it stems from the inherent, instinctual attraction to those who can provide. This seems to sort of contradict the part about physical attractiveness affecting both genders equally, but that’s without including the idea of other factors that are found attractive largely by guys that aren’t physical.


As a quick ego check, think about how this comic made you feel. Was it “darn it!” or “rock on, I’m awesome!”?